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What My Early 20’s Taught me

As I turn 24 on Thursday I figured it was time for a little introspection so I came up with what my early 20's taught me as I head into my mid twenties. What My Early 20's Taught me What My Early 20's Taught me In my personal life You are enough - it can be hard [...]


I just want to be tall | cuffed jeans

cuffed jeans     CONFESSION I suffer from delusions of grandeur in many aspects of my life tbh but most notably is my refusal to believe I am a small person, (not irl but) growing up in a family of tall men being 5"5 makes me feel beyond tiny. So in my super frazzled state a few [...]


How to wear a Velvet Suit

 Velvet is one of those fabrics I simply love to wear - sewing it is another thing but I love wearing it. It's so plush and soft and super comfortable so when I saw this velvet suit on the NEXT catwalk a few months back and like all great sartorial romances I just knew I [...]


A Review of the Bamboo Spark

Let's talk about my new favourite gadget the Bamboo Spark. When it comes to tech the simpler it makes my life the better . Usually, when I'm out and about I carry a notebook and pen with me as I often find myself inspired or wanting to remember to look up/search for something. These initial [...]


Summer Ready Legs with Venus Swirl

It's summer! Or rather what we in England class as summer and while our weather may be unpredictable I do love being able to bare my legs when I get the chance! When it comes to beauty I love quick and easy solutions with minimal fuss.It's a good idea to exfoliate and moisturise after shaving to [...]