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What My Early 20’s Taught me

As I turn 24 on Thursday I figured it was time for a little introspection so I came up with what my early 20's taught me as I head into my mid twenties. What My Early 20's Taught me What My Early 20's Taught me In my personal life You are enough - it can be hard [...]


I just want to be tall | cuffed jeans

cuffed jeans     CONFESSION I suffer from delusions of grandeur in many aspects of my life tbh but most notably is my refusal to believe I am a small person, (not irl but) growing up in a family of tall men being 5"5 makes me feel beyond tiny. So in my super frazzled state a few [...]


How to wear a Velvet Suit

 Velvet is one of those fabrics I simply love to wear - sewing it is another thing but I love wearing it. It's so plush and soft and super comfortable so when I saw this velvet suit on the NEXT catwalk a few months back and like all great sartorial romances I just knew I [...]


A Review of the Bamboo Spark

Let's talk about my new favourite gadget the Bamboo Spark. When it comes to tech the simpler it makes my life the better . Usually, when I'm out and about I carry a notebook and pen with me as I often find myself inspired or wanting to remember to look up/search for something. These initial [...]


Summer Ready Legs with Venus Swirl

It's summer! Or rather what we in England class as summer and while our weather may be unpredictable I do love being able to bare my legs when I get the chance! When it comes to beauty I love quick and easy solutions with minimal fuss.It's a good idea to exfoliate and moisturise after shaving to [...]


how I wear white trainers

how to wear white trainers My name is Ngoni and I love a good duster-coat x midi combo, throw in a pair of sneakers and well I'm  sold! I wore this look on day 3567652 of fashion week. Here I'm with some superbabes Natasha Girl in the Lens & Yanin I dress myself,  Calum was lovely enough [...]


there’s something about navy

Confession peeps I am cheating on black with navy and I am not even a little bit ashamed. I'm just really very drawn to navy at the moment I blame this Reiss coat that started it all. During Fashion Week the Apartment makes it sooo easy to get dressed with carefully created pieces from brands [...]

roads group afropolis

Roads | Afropolis

Roads Afropolis  It's nearly spring and what better way to usher that in than with a new scent? Personally I adore a strong masculine scent, blame it on my preteen obssesion with wearing Britney Spears Fantasy #vom. Add to the fact I hate wearing a scent everyone else is wearing then you'll get why I'm always [...]


We Are KIN

A Week ago I debuted at Fashion Week. Writing that is still surreal to me! As a young designer or even a creative there are certain moments that take you by surprise, you think of them often but don't ever truly comprehend them. Let's be real showing a collection, starting a brand  etc is something [...]


Sunday Musings #1| Let it Go

  The Past is a Place of Reference, It is Not A Place of Residence. When I first started my blog 6 years ago it was called the Musings of NRC and I would muse on a variety of topics and I haven't really done a 'musings' post in a while. Lately I've felt like [...]

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Investing in your Wardrobe

As a designer I will always extol the virtues of investing in your wardrobe when it comes to timeless pieces, one can build so many great outfits based around some well cut quality pieces believe me, when people see my wardrobe they are pretty suprised by how small it is. Not everyday H&M, Topshop and Zara people, [...]

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A Striped Affair

Every so often I fall for something I don't quite feel is me and then once I own it I'm unsure how I ever lived (well sartorially speaking) with out it. Most recently it's this stripey coat from Boden. Do I feel  little like Joseph with his technicolour dream coat? Yes, but a rather chic Joseph-less [...]