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A Review of the Bamboo Spark

Let's talk about my new favourite gadget the Bamboo Spark. When it comes to tech the simpler it makes my life the better . Usually, when I'm out and about I carry a notebook and pen with me as I often find myself inspired or wanting to remember to look up/search for something. These initial [...]

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FOOD| Cauli Rice Review

  Cauli Rice Review I love being a vegetarian but what I don't like is the way I can sometimes be stuck and at times borderline obsessed with eating certain variations of meals, particularly when my work life balance is skewed - read I am very busy and lazy. Also being so far away from my [...]

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REVIEW| Simmons Bar, Fitzrovia

I am a sucker for quirky interiors and a great vibe, add a fantastic cocktail menu to that equation and you have my new favourite new hangout - Simmons Bar in Fitzrovia. Simmons Bar, Fitzrovia The Simmons Bar in Fitzrovia on a Friday night is like being at a cool friends house party, the music is [...]

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Review| Lashes by Liana

Confession I'm not really a girly girl in the make up/beauty sense. I like having a straight forward and quick routine, I take 10 minutes tops to do my hair and make up and the idea of spending a hour doing both is essentially my worst nightmare... I could be eating something in that time [...]

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Review| Errol Douglas

Review Errol Douglas I've been missing having hair lately and as I hadn't had a weave in over five years I wanted to try out a new look and  so I headed to Errol Douglas in Knightsbridge to get some help from an expert. I had a consultation with Award Winning Afro-Hair Specialist Wayne Campbell who was my stylist- [...]


Review| Samsung Tab S 10.5″

I've spent the last two weeks getting to grips with the Samsung Tab S 10.5".Review| Samsung Tab S 10.5" Given that an average day for me involves working out, heading to the studio, pattern cutting, some sketchbook, sewing, annotating, using social media, responding to emails then unwinding with music or a film while cooking and [...]


Review| Daniel Galvin George Street

This was my hair immediately after being cut. Haircut at Daniel Galvin So I cut my hair… well Debbie at Daniel Galvin cut it and I like it. A lot.Haircut at Daniel Galvin I have always tended to avoid hairdressers after one too many mishaps I used to feel the give an inch take a [...]

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What to do in Geneva

When visiting a new country or city the hardest thing is finding out all the best places. So using the Make My Switzerland Apps and recommendations from locals I had a blast and made a visual diary of my recent trip to Geneva for you. So no excuses ;)! What to do in Geneva  Day 1 [...]

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Review| Afternoon Tea at Carmina and Lancelot

Late last week between meetings Daniella and I headed over to Carmina and Lancelot  a stone throw away from Oxford Street for Afternoon Tea.Afternoon Tea at Carmina and Lancelot Daniella and I both immediately fell in love with the decor and kept snapping away every few minutes as we'd noticed something else. Carmina and Lancelot [...]