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We Are KIN

A Week ago I debuted at Fashion Week. Writing that is still surreal to me!
As a young designer or even a creative there are certain moments that take you by surprise, you think of them often but don’t ever truly comprehend them.


Sunday Musings #1| Let it Go


The Past is a Place of Reference,
It is Not A Place of Residence.

When I first started my blog 6 years ago it was called the Musings of NRC and I would muse on a variety of topics and I haven’t really done a ‘musings’ post in a while.

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Investing in your Wardrobe

As a designer I will always extol the virtues of investing in your wardrobe when it comes to timeless pieces, one can build so many great outfits based around some well cut quality pieces believe me, when people see my wardrobe they are pretty suprised by how small it is.

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A Striped Affair

Every so often I fall for something I don’t quite feel is me and then once I own it I’m unsure how I ever lived (well sartorially speaking) with out it. Most recently it’s this stripey coat from Boden.


hello 2016

2015 was a year filled with a lot of milestones, finishing my Graduate Collection, Graduation, moving to London and leaving my loves behind, working at Gareth Pugh, connecting with old friends and meetings sassy new ones (sorry Drake) and now working on my new project which has been keeping supe