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Feature Friday | Sam Laskey for Glamour France

I love love love Sam Laskey for Glamour France. This editorial is the bomb diggity - mostly because look an all fashion editorial. I spotted Laskey rocking Nike, Converse, Puma, New Balance, Adidas, Hogan and Guiseppe Zanotti.   Virginie Benarroch (the stylist) had her dressed up as a reporter it looks pretty minimalistic and nineties and [...]

Liliyang Bag and Kisua Shirt
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What I wore on the last day of LFW

The last day  of fashion week is always my most comfortable day when it comes to dressing (okay so I'm pretty much always comfortable) but on the last day I'm exhausted, my feet hurt from walking and getting the tube, my bag and neck hurt from carrying my camera, I probably have some sort of [...]

leather black and white converse
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Leather Converse yo

Eagle eyes readers will have spotted this outfit in this article on the Guardian site already(here).Leather Converse yo As a fashion student I'm constantly on my feet making things and other important things (like running to the canteen for food lol) my leather converse come in pretty hand. Regular readers know I'm all about the [...]

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Where to go in Zurich

  Day in 2 in Zurich was awesome!! I've made a little guide for anyone wondering where to go in Zurich. It was such a nice warm day and I got to explore around the old town, industrial quarter and ofcourse eat... alot. Where to go in Zurich Vohdin - in old town. Its a [...]

The Hiltl Restaurant Zurich
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Review| The Hiltl Restaurant Zurich

Day 2 in Zurich was so much fun. I went through the old down, visited quirky little boutiques had lunch and the infamouse Hiltl Restaurant (the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world). It was a delectable culinary experience.The Hiltl Restaurant Zurich Everything served at the Hiltl is vegetarian/vegan. The buffet at the Hiltl is done [...]