Wearing Timberlands

Wearing Timberlands – Yay or Nay?

I’ve never seen myself as the kind of girl who can wear Timberlands -I always felt I didn’t exude enough badassery (it is a…



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Marni Rose Review

Review| Marni Rose Review

I tend to go for masculine fragrances as some female perfumes are just too fruity/floral, don’t last long enough or are just too weak…


Zombies in London?

Okay so the title of my post maybe misleading a little bit, there are no Zombies in London… yet but my t-shirt is pretty…

How to wear a coloured coat

How to wear a coloured coat

I got an email from one of you lovely lot asking how I’d style my Green coat without wearing all black lol here are…

leather black and white converse

Leather Converse yo

Eagle eyes readers will have spotted this outfit in this article on the Guardian site already(here).Leather Converse yo As a fashion student I’m constantly…

Zurich Day 21

Where to go in Zurich

  Day in 2 in Zurich was awesome!! I’ve made a little guide for anyone wondering where to go in Zurich. It was such…